Onsite Training Category

Officer Safety

Whether in the office or in the field, probation, parole and community corrections officers and staff deal daily with community hazards and potentially volatile situations. Probation and parole supervision must be done in the community where the offenders live, work and go to school, and it must be done when the offenders are likely to be around. This means officers will be out of their offices and in the neighborhoods during non-traditional working hours.

Known as proactive supervision, this type of strategy will inevitably put officers in dangerous places at high-risk times. Probationers and parolees, as well as other current and former offenders, live and work there, and drugs, guns, and violence are a fact of life. If probation and parole is to carry out its mission, agencies have to prepare, train, and equip officers to work in this dangerous environment. Probation, parole and community corrections officers cannot back away from community-based supervision but it must be done safely and effectively.

The training topics currently offered provide information to identify, prevent, and respond to issues affecting officer/staff safety.

Available Training in this Category
  1. Advanced Field Officer Safety Training
  2. Creating Quality Safety Training: An Administrators Guidebook
  3. Dealing with Aggressive Behavior
  4. Issues in Supervising Mental Health Offenders
  5. Natural Response Control Tactics
  6. Safe Office Design and Procedures
  7. Surviving Crisis Situations
  8. Safety in Search and Seizure
  9. Strategies for Officer Safety
  10. Safety Strategies for Mental Health & Social Workers
  11. Safety Simulation
  12. The Tactical PO
  13. Safety Simulation: Training of Trainers
  14. Safety in Search and Seizure: Training of Trainers
  15. Staff Safety: Training of Trainers