Onsite Training Category

Victim Issues

Many victims of crime speak to their further victimization by an insensitive justice system that is oriented toward ensuring justice to and punishment of offenders and ignoring the rights and provision of services to crime victims. Although there has been much progress toward elevating the role of and provision of services to crime victims in community corrections over the past 10-20 years, there is still considerable room for improvement. While offender supervision strategies are aimed at protecting the public as a whole from further victimization, we continue to see the interests and needs of victims often are lost among the large caseloads of offenders and the accompanying paperwork with which community corrections professionals often contend. Training programs offered within this category are designed to enhance the capacity of probation and parole professionals to better address the needs and rights of and provide services to crime victims.

Available Training in this Category
  1. Improving Restitution Management in Community Corrections