Onsite Training

Effectively Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce
Presenter: Susan W. McCampbell

This two-day program provides information, tools and strategies for any organization to:

  • Examine the level of intergenerational conflict;
  • Identify the characteristics, traits, beliefs, and core values of the generations in today’s workforce;
  • Get the best of all generations in today’s workforce;
  • Assess internal agency culture and learn the connection to intergenerational conflict;
  • Learn tools for managing the newest generations in the workforce;
  • Develop specific plans to improve employee retention based on the latest information; and
  • Upgrade and update recruiting strategies.

This highly interactive two day training program is aimed at the organization’s leadership and decision makers. A resource for this program is FutureForce: A Guide to Building the 21st Century Community Corrections Workplace, CIPP’s recently completed publication for the National Institute of Corrections.

About the Presenter
Susan W. McCampbell
Center for Innovative Public Policies, Inc.
1880 Crestview Way
Naples, Florida 34119

( 2 days )

To request site-specific training, email Diane Kincaid or call APPA at (859)244-8196.

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