Onsite Training

Natural Response Control Tactics
Presenter: Community Corrections Institute

There are many good defensive tactics programs available today however, many of the programs are designed for Police and do not take into consideration the diverse make-up of Parole, Probation and Community Corrections staff. This program looks at how Parole, Probation, and Community Corrections Officers are killed and injured each year, both in the office and in the field. It then provides tactics that officers can apply in these situations that will increase their ability to successfully avoid or control theses situations. During this dynamic training program, officers will learn how to employ defensive tactics, and use whatever safety equipment they normally have, in a manner that will minimize the risk of injury to both the officer and the aggressor.

Participants will learn control techniques that are effective and appropriate at all levels of the use of force continuum. These techniques are based upon the Natural Response Defensive Training Systemâ„¢ that was specifically designed for parole, probation and community corrections personnel. The techniques are designed to be quickly learned, easily applied and retained, and are effectively applied by officers of varying size, strength, experience and age, irrespective of gender.

This program is not designed to take away from, or replace, any defensive tactics training you may have previously received. The techniques are designed to add more tools to your toolbox, and provide you with techniques that, under stress, in a crisis, you can easily retain and effectively apply.

To request site-specific training, email Diane Kincaid or call APPA at (859)244-8196.

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Officer Safety