Onsite Training

Safety Simulation: Training of Trainers
Presenter: Community Corrections Institute

Our Training of Trainers program provides agency trainers with a detailed and thorough model to conduct simulation-based training in their agency. Instruction is provided to trainers on how to:

  1. Create as realistic a setting as possible for each scenario
  2. Strive to create win-win situations in order to facilitate learning
  3. Constructively critique performance while not being judgmental

As trainers will learn, it is during these debriefing periods that many of the objectives of the session are brought together. Successful debriefing sessions are critical to the success of any simulation-based program. Participants will learn how to effectively explain and discuss theories and concepts so that students have a framework within which they can assess a situation, decide on a course of action and then act.

However, even more than in a classroom setting, effective trainers are the key to success of the program. Just because a trainer is effective in presenting information does not mean they will have the skills to provide effective simulation training. This program provides those skills and teaches how to conduct Safety Simulation Training in a safe, positive, yet dynamic manner, maximizing participant skill retention.

To request site-specific training, email Diane Kincaid or call APPA at (859)244-8196.

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Officer Safety