Onsite Training

The Wisdom of Teams
Presenter: Frank Domurad

Effective Community Corrections, especially in an Evidence-Based Policy and Practice context, requires the collective work and collaborative integration of the multiple skills, perspectives and experiences possessed by all stakeholders involved. It is a practice whose outcome—the reduction of offender recidivism and enhancement of public safety--is beyond the reach of any single individual, individual unit, or individual agency. It can only be achieved through the active and simultaneous collaboration and participation of numerous governmental agencies and representatives of the community. Teams, with their emphasis on high performance and mutual accountability, are one approach for producing community safety. Although most managers and staff in community corrections are familiar with working on their own or in hierarchical groups, they have little experience in the discipline of teams.

Participants attending this training will be able to:

  • Describe the “team performance” curve
  • Distinguish among work groups (single leader group), pseudo-teams, teams and high performance teams
  • Match the appropriate performance option to the type of performance problem
  • List the five characteristics of team discipline
  • Apply the three skills of effective teams
  • Describe the stages of team development
About the Presenter
Frank Domurad is Vice-President of The Carey Group. He served as Director of Staff and Organizational Development and Deputy Commissioner for Planning, Administration and Technology in the New York City Department of Probation. He directed the design, implementation and evaluation of one of the City’s largest reengineering projects, Adult Supervision Restructuring (ASR), which restructured how Probation supervised 115,000 probationers and has cumulatively saved almost $40 million in budget expenses. He has written and trained extensively in evidence-based practice, cognitive-behavioral interventions, organizational development and change management, organizational culture, team building and collaboration, professional assessment/DACUM, strategic planning, e-learning, technology and public safety, and terrorism and homeland security. He is also expert in public finance and public policy at the federal, state, and local levels of government and was the Deputy Auditor General for New York City, overseeing over thirty city agencies with a combined budget of $45 billion.

( one day training )

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