Onsite Training

The Tactical PO
Presenter: Community Corrections Institute

In many agencies officers are becoming more proactive in field work and enforcement endeavors. This program is specifically designed for those officers charged with making home and field contacts, making arrests, conducting searches, working on special enforcement Task Forces or law enforcement partnership programs, or any officer that wants to receive the highest quality tactical training specifically designed for Parole, Probation and Community Corrections officers. In this program participants will receive instruction on the most current techniques and concepts in identifying threats, building entry, arrest techniques, and personal defense.

Officers will participate in:

  • Exercises in threat identification
  • Use of force scenarios
  • Tactical entry planning

Upon completion of The Tactical PO participants will be able to:

  • More quickly and accurately identify and appropriately respond to all levels of threat
  • Describe the concept of "Zoning" and how it relates to officer safety.
  • Plan a safe and effective home contact.
  • Safely take an offender into custody no matter what the level of resistance.
  • Conduct thorough building and residence searches.
  • Work effectively with other Law Enforcement agencies
  • Develop safe and effective tactical entry and/or arrest plans.

To request site-specific training, email Diane Kincaid or call APPA at (859)244-8196.

This Onsite Training falls under the following category:
Officer Safety