Rural Agency Collaboration: Sharing Administration and Services
Presenter: Tom Roy
Broadcast Date: 05/22/2007

Probation client services and administration in rural locations can be challenging for a variety of reasons. During this training, the presenter explores the characteristics of the rural corrections environment and models of service delivery, political organization, administration, and funding. Some of the features and experiences of the Minnesota Community Corrections Act also are presented. This training should be of interest to probation officers, administrators, and supervisors.

Learning Objectives:
  • To identify characteristics of the rural environment that affect probation services.
  • To become familiar with successful strategies for collaborating with community partners.
  • To identify concerns about implementing “best practices” in a resource-limited location.
  • To become familiar with community corrections models of administration and structure.
Supplemental Materials

This Training is part of the following eLearning Series:
Distance Learning for Rural Probation and Parole Agencies and Practitioners