A Family Support Approach for Community Corrections Officers
Presenter: Carol Shapiro & Carl Wicklund
Broadcast Date: 12/18/2007

The American Probation and Parole Association and Family Justice have been working on A Family-Support Approach for Community Corrections, based on the award winning Bodega ModelĀ®. This audio teleconference is hosted by Carl Wicklund, Executive Director of APPA and Carol Shapiro, Founder and President of Family Justice. Their presentation will give managers and decision makers an overview of what is needed to adapt this approach into existing community supervision practice.

Specifically, this audio teleconference helps administrators and managers identify why families and social networks are important to community corrections practice and ways in which these networks can be tapped to enhance supervision goals. Participants will become familiar with the Family-Support Approach for Community Corrections and begin to assess their organization for family-focused, strength-based approaches that may already exist or need to be developed within their agency.

Supplemental Materials

This Training is part of the following eLearning Series:
A Family-Support Model for Community Supervision of Reentering Offenders