Conducting an Effective, Legal and Safe Search, Part 1
Presenter: Community Corrections Institute
Broadcast Date: 02/14/2006

A primary element of PSN training is to teach or enhance firearm interdiction strategies while maintaining officer safety. This audio teleconference/webcast, the first of two, will look at the special issues of probation, parole, and community supervision officers conducting effective, legal and safe searches
Specific areas to be discussed include:

  • The legal basis for conducting a search
  • The “Plain View Doctrine”
  • Composition of a search condition
  • Reasonable suspicion standard
  • Reports and documentation
  • Scope of the search
  • Pre-search planning
  • Search Equipment
  • Legal issue in conduction the search
  • Avoiding becoming a “Stalking Horse”
  • Third party issues
  • Presenter
Supplemental Materials

This Training is part of the following eLearning Series:
PSN: Firearm Interdiction, Safety and Proactive Supervision