Conducting an Effective, Legal and Safe Search, Part 2
Presenter: Community Corrections Institute
Broadcast Date: 02/16/2006

This PSN audio teleconference/webcast is a continuation of the previous training and will look at the special issues of probation, parole, and community supervision officers conducting effective, legal and safe searches.
Specific areas to be discussed include:

  • Safe & effective approach techniques
  • Gaining entry
  • Clearing the residence
  • Dealing with stairways and attics
  • Search tactics
  • If things go bad
  • Preserving a crime scene
  • Officers performance under stress
  • Conducting the debriefing
  • The importance of dynamic training
Supplemental Materials
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This Training is part of the following eLearning Series:
PSN: Firearm Interdiction, Safety and Proactive Supervision