Expert Generalists - Doing It All as a Rural Probation Officer
Presenter: John Klavins and Eric Johnson
Broadcast Date: 06/06/2007

In rural probation departments, specialized caseloads are only possible in the rarest of circumstances. Rural probation agents, generally due to lack of resources, geographic considerations, and other issues related to smaller departments, must manage an offender’s case from the intake process and all the way to discharge from probation supervision. This training discusses how rural probation agencies must be creative and collaborative, and strategically network in order to maximize resources. Rural probation agencies also need to support the use of evidence-based practices by ensuring that probation agents are trained to have a high level of expertise in critical areas such as motivational interviewing, application of the Stages of Change model, offender assessment, effective case management, cognitive skills training, courtroom procedure, and safety and security. During this training, the presenters review critical skill areas, provide examples, and outline strategies for how rural agents can best obtain the necessary resources and competencies to be an expert generalist and effectively do it all.

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