Resources for Supervising Hardcore Drunk Driving Offenders
Contracting Agency: The Century Council

Drunk driving continues to be a serious safety and social problem. Traffic and criminological researchers have found that the devastation produced by drunk driving is overwhelmingly the result of a specific subgroup of offenders that persistently violate drunken driving laws with high BAC levels. The reality is, that unless a fatality has occurred, these offenders, frequently referred to as hardcore drunk drivers, end up on community supervision.

The Century Council provided funds to the American Probation & Parole Association to develop supervision strategies for community corrections personnel to improve their supervision outcomes with hardcore drunk driving offenders.

Enhancing Community Supervision Strategies for Hardcore Drunk Drivers (FREE online training course). The goal of this course is to educate community corrections professionals about the latest evidence-based and promising supervision practices strategies that can be used to respond and address the needs of hardcore drunk drivers more effectively. Click the link to register and complete the free course.

Through continued funding from the Century Council, APPA is coordinating and delivering workshop presentations based upon the Community Supervision guide to discuss supervision challenges, strategies for supervising hardcore drunk driving offenders in the community, and the necessity of utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach for supervising this sub-population of offenders. To request this workshop at your next event, email Kim Cobb

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