Indicators of Elder Abuse: Distance Learning Project
Contracting Agency: Office for Victims of Crime

Community corrections professionals may encounter elder abuse in their work with offenders and are a vital component in a community’s response to and protection of elder abuse victims. Pretrial, probation, and parole professionals may supervise offenders who are charged with elder abuse offenses or related crimes (such as domestic violence), or they may discover elder abuse during contacts with offenders.

The goal of this project is to utilize distance learning technologies to increase the exposure of community corrections professionals to elder abuse issues and help them to respond appropriately to offenders and victims with whom they interact. The curriculum, “Identifying and Responding to Elder Abuse: The Vital Role of Community Corrections Professionals,” was developed by APPA in collaboration with Justice Solutions and the American Bar Association Commission on Law and Aging under a previous grant from the Office for Victims of Crime. Originally designed for classroom delivery, it was converted to a distance learning format and presented in four modules in a series of audio teleconferences/webcasts between June and September, 2007. Participants who completed all four modules of this APPA-accredited training:

  • Gained greater awareness of elder abuse, its impact on victims, and the importance of taking a proactive approach to identifying and responding to situations where elder abuse is suspected.
  • Gained knowledge about the types and risk factors for elder abuse, why it often is underreported, and how to obtain information needed to respond appropriately when elder abuse is identified.
  • Learned how to recognize indicators of potential elder abuse occurring among family members, friends, or other contacts of offenders on their caseloads.
  • Learned how to intervene appropriately when indicators of elder abuse are recognized.

Recorded versions of each of the four webcasts, along with all handout materials, are available at no charge and may be ordered on compact disk or viewed online (see link below). Participants may earn 1.5 contact hours of continuing education credit for each successfully completed module.

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