Sex Offender Community Based Supervision
Contracting Agency: Bureau of Justice Assistance

Sex offenders are increasingly being sentenced to community supervision either in conjunction with or in lieu of prison or jail sentences. These offenders pose specific potential public safety risks as well as having unique treatment and supervisory needs to maintain public safety and work toward behavior change. Community corrections staff, therefore, should receive training on a variety of important issues related to sex offenders including risk assessment, technological tools, and case management strategies.

With the help of a working group, trainers, and consultants, APPA created a training curriculum that can be downloaded. There are five modules, each of which covers a specific tool that community corrections staff can use when supervising sex offenders in the community. The training was created for supervision officers with a general caseload that includes some sex offenders. This is not to say that the training is not appropriate for those in specialized sex offender units because it would make an excellent primer or refresher course for more advanced officers. The five modules include: (1) Introduction, (2) Risk Assessment, (3) Accountability, (4) Communication, and (5) Treatment. Agencies are welcome to download these files (zipped) and incorporate them into their training regimen.

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