Training for Community Corrections on Promising Victim-Related Practices and Strategies
Contracting Agency: Office for Victims of Crime

While offender supervision strategies are aimed at protecting the public as a whole from further victimization, the interests and needs of individual crime victims often can be lost amidst the offender-directed work of probation and parole. Significant progress has been made toward elevating the role of and provision of services to crime victims in community corrections over the past 10-20 years, however more still needs to be done to enhance services during this important point in the justice system for our nation’s crime victims.

In 1999, the American Probation and Parole Association completed a compendium on Promising Victim-Related Practices and Strategies in Probation and Parole (APPA) that was funded and published by the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC). This compendium provides direction to community corrections agencies on the development and implementation of promising victim-related services and programs in areas such as victim impact and victim notification, restitution management, victim-offender programs, family violence, workplace violence, staff training on victim issues, and community relations and outreach strategies.

Since the original compendium was developed 10 years ago, the landscape of victims’ services has evolved considerably. Therefore, OVC has awarded APPA funds through Recovery Act funding to review new research and lessons learned from 10 plus years of practice in providing services to crime victims in community corrections to update and develop resources and to provide training to enhance the capacity of community corrections agencies and practitioners in responding more effectively to the needs and rights of crime victims.

Deliverables of this project will include:

  • An Executive Summary that provides a revised and updated listing of key elements of victim-related practices and strategies in probation and parole
  • Regional training programs for community corrections agencies interested in enhancing services to crime victims
  • Webinars on promising victim-related practices in probation and parole
  • Workshops at regional and national conferences
  • Articles in professional journals and publications

Available Products
Promising Victim Related Practices Fact Sheet Series
  1.  The Role of Community Corrections in Victim Services
  2.  Collaboration and Partnerships for Victim Services in Community Corrections
  3.  Family Violence
  4.  Restitution and Other Legal Financial Obligations
  5.  Seeking Victim Input
  6.  Victim Information and Notification
  7.  Victim/Offender Programs
  8.  Workplace Violence

Webinar/eLearning Series

Specialized Training

Community corrections professionals interested in learning more about this project should contact:

Project Manager
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Deputy Director
American Probation and Parole Association
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Phone: (859) 244-8215
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