DWI Pretrial Risk Assessment
Contracting Agency: Laura and John Arnold Foundation

The objective of this project is to develop a risk assessment instrument to be used at the pretrial stage of the justice system for those individuals arrested for an impaired-driving offense. The research team will complete three main milestones in order to achieve this objective: review existing and relevant instruments used with this offender population, collect and analyze data to determine the most salient and valid risk-prediction items, and construct a full instrument that may be piloted by jurisdictions. The research team will involve collaboration between LJAF, the APPA, and external research experts in the risk assessment field.

Project Contact
Nathan Lowe
Research Associate
American Probation and Parole Association
PO Box 11910
Lexington, KY 40578–1910
Phone: (859) 244-8057
Fax: (859) 244-8001