Annual Surveys of Probation and Parole
Contracting Agency: Bureau of Justice Statistics

APPA is partnering with RTI International and the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) to support the administration and enhancement of the Annual Surveys of Probation and Parole. BJS has conducted the ASPP since 1980, and these collections provide the only comprehensive data to inform the community supervision field about the size, composition, outcomes, and changes to the probation/parole populations. APPA is assisting by working on four main tasks during the course of the project. First, APPA staff will assist RTI with engaging key stakeholders among its constituents to participate in the data collection process. Second, APPA will assist RTI, as needed, with any redesign of survey instruments. Third, APPA staff will provide limited assistance with data collection efforts. Lastly, APPA will assist RTI in reporting and disseminating the findings of the ASPP through publications and presentations.

Project Contact