Advancing Community Corrections Supervision Practices
Contracting Agency: Bureau of Justice Assistance

This project is funded jointly by the National Institute of Justice and the Bureau of Justice Assistance to write a second edition to a previous APPA publication by Ann Crowe, Linda Sydney, and Pat Bancroft (2002), Offender Supervision with Electronic Technology: A User’s Guide. The second edition recognizes the many changes, challenges, and obstacles to implementing and operating an electronic supervision component. This project perceives electronic supervision technologies as one supervision tool among many that community corrections agencies may utilize to supervise offenders. The notion of electronic supervision may bring about several different types of images, misconceptions, and myths, and we address many of these distortions about the potential for electronic supervision. The second edition of Offender Supervision attempts to provide the community corrections field with realistic, theoretically informed, practical information important to consider when purchasing, implementing, or evaluating an electronic supervision technology.

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