Tribal Justice Systems Capacity Building Training and Technical Assistance
Contracting Agency: Bureau of Justice Assistance

Tribal communities are seeking to implement a more community-based response to crime. As noted repeatedly throughout the Tribal Justice Plan of 2011, tribes feel that correctional options/alternatives to incarceration are a more desirable response to crime than incarceration. One option/alternative currently being utilized by tribes is probation.

Through funding from the Bureau of Justice Assistance, the Council of State Governments/American Probation & Parole Association have partnered with The Pretrial Justice Institute and the National Criminal Justice Training Center at Fox Valley Technical College to build the capacity of tribal jurisdictions to plan, develop, or enhance their community corrections programs by focusing on community supervision strategies including pretrial services, correctional options/alternatives to incarceration, and reentry services. Key deliverables of this project will include:

  1. the development of 8-10 distance learning courses in two tracks (a) Information and Overview of Correctional Options; and (b) Developing and Growing Community Supervision Programs;
  2. the coordination and delivery of technical assistance to up to 4 tribal jurisdictions on options/alternatives, pretrial, and reentry initiatives;
  3. the development of a Resource Repository designed to provide a single location for tribal community corrections professionals to access templates of forms, job descriptions, policies and procedures, etc., workshop presentations, additional resources, and links to distance learning courses (for probation, pretrial and reentry programs); and
  4. the delivery of workshops

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  • Interviewing & Report Writing Training for Tribal Community Corrections Personnel
    August 2-4, 2016
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL
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Visit the TRIBAL RESOURCE REPOSITORY which is designed to serve as a continuing resource for professionals working within Native American/Alaska Native communities in pretrial, probation, and reentry roles. Access templates of downloadable supervision forms and policy and procedure templates, downloadable publications, fact sheets, bulletins, and other guidance documents, information about training and technical assistance opportunities, and information about APPA’s Tribal Issues Committee.

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