Supervising Lower Risk Sex Offenders in the Community: An Integrated Approach
Contracting Agency: National Institute of Corrections/Bureau of Prison

There are few crime issues more salient than the community supervision of sex offenders. The notion of evidence-based practices is rooted in conducting risk assessments to determine the individualized risks and needs of each offender to make case management decisions. This project seeks to improve supervision of sex offenders by identifying strategies to incorporate the evidence-based practices principle of risk when supervising sex offenders by offering web-delivered trainings to community corrections and jail professionals. These webcasts will focus on identifying the differing levels of risk of those convicted of sex offenses to allow officers to recognize sex offenders posing lower risk. It is essential to identify lower risk sex offenders to ensure proper communication among jail and community corrections professionals as well as allowing the appropriate resources to higher risk sex offenders.

Project Manager
Matthew DeMichele
Senior Research Associate
American Probation and Parole Association
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Lexington, KY 40578–1910
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