Workload Considerations for Effective Public Safety
Contracting Agency: Bureau of Justice Assistance

The goal of this proposed project is to provide standardized workload allocation guidelines to assist administrators to maximize resource allocation in community corrections agencies to improve public safety and reentry initiatives. Objectives include a literature review, advisory group meeting to develop workload allocation template, test the template in approximately three jurisdictions, and disseminate the project findings through several written reports and presentations. The major deliverables include developing a workload allocation template that can be used by agencies across the country. This project seeks to communicate findings with several important justice system actors, and has proposed a dissemination strategy that specifically targets publication outlets based upon their audience (i.e., policymaker, researcher, administrator, and line-staff).

This project is an extension of a previous project funded through the Bureau of Justice Assistance, Conditions of Supervision and Workload Allocation that resulted in the publication of “Probation’s growing caseloads and workload allocation: Strategies for managerial decision making".

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