Promising Victim-Related Practices in Probation and Parole
Contracting Agency: Office for Victims of Crime

This project sought to provide training and information to community corrections practitioners on promising victim-related practices in probation and parole. Major product deliverables included the development of a compendium titled Promising Victim-Related Practices and Strategies in Probation and Parole, the delivery of three Victim Assistance in Community Corrections training seminars (i.e., Nashville, Tennessee; San Diego, California; Lake Ozark, Missouri), the production of a satellite video conference on promising victim-related practices in probation and parole during APPA’s Winter Institute in Phoenix, AZ on January 11, 1999, and the broadcast of an audio teleconferences on “Responding to Workplace Violence” and “Managing Monetary Restitution.” The project also convened a focus group on the role of victims in the offender reentry process and developed The Victim’s Role in Offender Reentry: A Community Response Manual.

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