Model Community Corrections Curriculum Project
Contracting Agency: National Institute of Corrections

This project aims to provide universities and colleges a way to raise awareness of community corrections as a viable profession within criminal justice while also providing resources that will assist professors in educating students on this aspect of the field. The resources/curricula developed in association with this project are intended to target undergraduate criminal justice programs.

APPA has engaged practitioners and academics concerning the curriculum gaps and needs in current undergraduate education standards. APPA, while recognizing and respecting the autonomy of university professors, plans to inventory resources (annotated bibliographies, online trainings) and create products that will aid teaching and learning as it pertains to probation and parole.

For example, the development of topic-specific modules that professors can use to supplement their courses. Such modules would be designed so professors can easily adapt the material to fit their specific needs in relation to what they are teaching. Some examples could include brief online self-paced modules with talking points for professors to use to process what was learned, examples of applied practice exercises that professors can use to create opportunities for students to apply what they are learning about certain concepts (e.g., MI, CBT, interviewing, report writing, etc.), and sample outlines or lesson plans on specific topics related to community corrections.

Project Contact
Tracy Mullins
Deputy Director
American Probation and Parole Association
PO Box 11910
Lexington, KY 40578–1910
Phone: (859) 244-8215
Fax: (859) 244-8001