Capacity Building in the Juvenile Justice System: Addressing the Need for Substance Abuse Treatment
Contracting Agency: OJJDP and CSAT

This program was conducted under an Interagency Agreement between OJJDP and the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT), HHS. Each federal agency contributed one-half of the funding for this project. The project was designed to expand the juvenile justice system's ability to provide treatment for drug-involved youth. The project's activities included a six-month planning and development phase to identify and explore program models and develop a training and TA curriculum. The program implementation phase included provision of two training programs for interdisciplinary teams of professionals from local and statewide jurisdictions who developed actions plans for more effective and comprehensive services for juvenile substance abusers; three training programs for juvenile justice practitioners to increase their skills in working with substance abusing youth; two train-the-trainer programs to prepare local agency trainers to replicated the skills development training; and technical assistance provided on-site in two jurisdictions.