Tribal Correctional Options Technical Assistance Project
Contracting Agency: Bureau of Justice Assistance

Growing prison populations, mandated capacity limits on institutions, and tight budgets compel the development and utilization of innovative strategies for handling tribal offenders in ways that rehabilitate while ensuring public safety (Diggs, 2003). Further, the Tribal Justice Plan reinforces the need for and desire of tribal jurisdictions for correctional options/alternatives to incarceration.

The Bureau of Justice Assistance has awarded funds to the American Probation & Parole Association to provide office-based and on-site technical assistance to tribal jurisdictions seeking to explore, develop, or enhance correctional options/alternatives to incarcerations in their communities.

What are correctional options/alternatives to incarceration? They are programs designed to keep individuals out of correctional facilities and/or help individuals coming out of secure facilities transition back to the community (reentry).

Some examples of correctional options programs include:

  • Day Reporting Centers
  • Programs utilizing restorative justice philosophies
  • Probation/Community Supervision programs
  • Alternative Courts (healing to wellness courts, teen courts, elder panels, etc.)
  • Halfway houses/Transitional Living Programs
  • Work/school release programs
  • Day Treatment Programs
  • Electronic Monitoring Programs
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